Basic Information in English

What is it?

People living in precarious financial circumstances have the right to enjoy art and culture too. The so-called “Kulturpass” offers the possibility to do so. Using this “card” socially disadvantaged persons can obtain free entrance at numerous cultural institutions.
“Hunger auf Kunst und Kultur”, created 2003 by the Schauspielhaus in co-operation with the “Armutskonferenz”, should be understood as an initiative that focuses on the discourse about the significance and accessibility of culture for all people.

How does it work?

Every cultural institution participating in “Hunger auf Kunst und Kultur” grants free entrance to “Kulturpass” holders. Each of these institutions fund these tickets through the donations of individuals, organizations or sponsorship efforts. Cultural institutions disposing of restricted seats are usually providing quotas for “Kulturpass” holders. “Kulturpass” holders may have in general to book in advance. For further information about modalities, please visit the webpage of the federal state (Bundesland auswählen) where you live.

Who are the beneficiaries?

All people who would like to participate in cultural activities, but who can not afford to, can benefit from this initiative: people who receive social welfare or a minimal retirement pensions, unemployed persons, refugees ...

Where to get the “Kulturpass”?

The distribution of the “Kulturpass” is facilitated by the Armutskonferenz (a network against poverty and social exclusion) and by numerous charitable aid organizations and assistance services.
Depending on your income situation, different public authorities or institutions are responsible for the distribution.
Are responsible respectively those federal states, where your principal residence is.
Please choose your Bundesland to find the right place to apply for the "Kulturpass"

Lower Austria
Upper Austria

The “Kulturpass” is valid for 6 month or one year after the date of issue. Holders must present it together with a photo ID.